February 19, 2015

Rainy day party

Ronan turned 4 years old this fall. To celebrate we had a "rainy day" party. Portland appropriate, yes? I had the cutest cookies made: umbrellas, boots, clouds, and rain drops. An amazing local baker made his cake, which was topped with a teeny umbrella and boots.  I spent months making the giant cloud decoration out of paper-mache....it looked incredible I have to say,...so much like a real cloud! I used this post for inspiration and directions.  For favors I did small umbrella shaped boxes filled with rain drop candies (chocolate covered sunflower seeds..delicious!) from the wonderful Candy Babel here in Portland, who specializes in unique candy from around the world. They do not currently ship, but if you are ever in Portland you must visit her incredible shop. It will be worth your while... Amani, the owner, is even sweeter than the goodies she sells! I always try to keep Ronan's gifts on theme, so this year he got a brand new pair of Hunter rain boots and a stack of books about: clouds, rain, boots, and weather.

photos by Remembrance Photography

December 27, 2014

Mini Rodini

Well they've done it again folks. I walked into a store and saw some of the pieces from Mini Rodini's  new collection and just about wet my pants. Why oh why am I not a millionaire? Want want want want!

December 3, 2014

Visit with Santa

This was our 5th visit to Santa and Ronan was pretty excited to see the big guy in person.  He asked me several times if this was "the real Santa." And let me tell you Ronan...he is...for SURE...the real Santa.

December 1, 2014

Modern advent tree

Cardboard Tube Tree Advent Calendar from www.nearlycrafty.com

OH.MAH.GAWD! I am totally in love with this advent calender designed by the amazing Kate from Nearly Crafty.  Isn't it fun? You punch out the middle of each number to find a treat inside. Kate always comes up with the coolest things. I swear her head is just full of magic. Check out the tutorial on her blog Nearly Crafty and make your own!

A very Portland cake

Marzipan Tree Cake Decorations DIY | Oh Happy Day!

Check out this adorable cake from Oh Happy Day! Super Portland-y don't you think? I'm dying to make one! Head over there to check out the tutorial!

October 20, 2014

Pumpkin patch

 We picked up Ronan early from school today and took a visit to the pumpkin patch. It was very, very muddy...which in my opinion is kinda a plus. It's fun to wear rain boots and stomp puddles and get dirty. And boy did we....Ronan kept saying "Look at all the mud on my boots! Whoa!"  Ronan had a hard time deciding which pumpkin to take home since there were so many cute "baby ones." It was a lot of fun watching him run around and check everything out. I think he was most impressed with the rotten pumpkins that he found, which he would stand over, scrunch his face, and then proclaim... "TOTALLY GROADY TO THE MAX!" Love this kid.