August 14, 2014

My new favorite dress


 I have newly discovered this dress from Madewell (looks like it's on sale!), and friends...I am obsessed with it. Now really, it's a possibility that I should NOT be wearing this dress. It is indeed...a trapeze dress/swing dress. It's very long and roomy and it's supposed to be that way.  It's probably definitely made for tall, lithe Twiggy types who are the lucky owners of legs for days. BUT...I tell ya..this dress is fabulous. It strikes the absolute perfect point between comfort and elegance.  I just can't even stand it. I want to wear it all the time. I love this dress so much that I bought it in both patterns, because I think they strike very different notes. The black and white being bold and a bit funky, and the blue one being a bit more sweet and vintage feeling.  I think that I carry it off pretty well, being a super shortie, by sporting heeled clogs with it.  In fact, I think everyone should sport heeled clogs when wearing it, even Twiggies, because heeled clogs are rad.  Ok fine, if you are a 6' tall Twiggy go ahead and slap on some super cute flat sandals.  The rest of us mere mortals can pair this amazing dress with these ABSURDLY AMAZING clogs from Maguba (don't you just love that color?), and a lovely long necklace from my favorite jewelry artist Takara. I have the necklace on the bottom and it's just perfect with the dress. 
Trust me friends. This one is a keeper.   

yellow Monaco clogs from Maguba
Poncho dress from Madewell
Poncho dress in stripe
necklaces from Takara

look....Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day loves hers too

July 28, 2014

What we're wearing

Just got the cutest pair of pants for Ronan in the mail. These super cuties are the product of a collaboration between one of my favorite artists Roxy Marj, and Thief and Bandit kids. 
I gotta tell ya...these pants are snazzy showstoppers! Excellent work ladies! Check out the shop over at Thief and Bandit for the whole line.  

July 24, 2014

Stella....OH STELLA!

Stella McCartney is KILLING ME HERE! If only I was super rich I would buy nearly everything she designs. It's so fantastic.  I am dying over that dino swimsuit and the rabbit shoes! Just stop Stella!

Hop on over to her website and check out her beautiful line

Nova dress
Arlo t-shirt
Imogen swimsuit
Flo Jumpsuit
Badger shoes
Snowflake tights
Petra tights
Hopper shoes

July 11, 2014

Happy birthday America

Trying to explain the fourth of July to a toddler...we came up with "Happy birthday America." Ronan is super into the idea of birthday parties these days, so it worked. He was really excited and kept shouting "HAPPY BIRTHDAY 'MERICA!" at the top of his lungs.  We spent a lovely evening with our family in Portland. The boys ran around like crazy people, wrestled and loved on each other all night...and had a great time watching the little fireworks that my sister and aunt brought.  It was the first year that Ronan didn't seem scared of the noise..although he still covered his ears.  He clapped and said "OH WOW!" after each firework. Pretty cute.

 Ronan and my nephew Gabe
sweet baby Gabe
my nephew Max....this photo has kind of a "risky business" feel to it or something...cracking up! Love this kiddo!

 Baby Gabe and my sister. Isn't she pretty?
Ronan modeling his patriotic ensemble 
 watching fireworks

June 21, 2014

White hot summer

Weather in Portland has been all over the place lately and I'm dreaming of jetting away to some lovely and warm locale....margaritas, sand between my toes, fish tacos...somewhere I can rock my NEW WHITE BIKINI. Yes folks, I can't believe it...I bought a white bikini. Not only did I buy a white bikini, I bought see-through white lace cover-up (hee..what do they cover?) pants. YIKES! Got both at Target and was really surprised how flattering the bikini was. I really like it!  Since I can't jet off to somewhere like Mexico or Hawaii this year I'm thinking of taking Ronan on a road trip to San Francisco and Santa Cruz.  Ronan would adore Santa Cruz. Until then I'll be California dreamin' and envisioning myself wearing those white lace shorts, drinking Mexican coke, and swinging in a hammock.

Note on white bikinis: Make sure that you wear yours in the shower and look at yourself in the mirror BEFORE dipping into the pool with it, and keep your receipt. Trust me. There's hot and then there's horrify your grandmother. Let's keep it PG 13 ladies.

June 9, 2014

What we're wearing

Well people, it's summer here in Little Stumptown. But don't let that fool you. It's not time to don bikinis and tanning oil. I always have to laugh when I see Portlanders lining up to buy short-shorts and tanks in June, because PUH-LEASE's not summer yet, not really. It's Oregon! Summer doesn't start until August (maybe).  June has some nice days but a lot of rainy, cold ones too. And nights are generally pretty cool.  So I'm still rocking sweaters right now and so is Ronan.

This is the world's most awesome sweater designed by Coos and Ahhs for Toto Knits.  I am totally in love with it. I really wish I could squeeze my grown-up self into it I love it so much.
Here we have it paired with our trusty Gap skinnies and the world's most awesome shoes (to match the world's most awesome sweater) These booties from Simple shoes are another one of Ronan's clothing items that I totally covet. I would rock these any day of the week.  It's hard to get a good idea of the cuteness from this photo. And maybe that's good....I don't want to torture you because sadly you can't get you some. Unfortunately, Simple is now out of business. Very sad. Their kids shoes were so fun.  I bought this particular pair before Ronan was born because I loved them so much.