April 18, 2016

New tees from Bobo Choses

Summer is almost here friends! Time for some flashy new duds!  Bobo Choses is one of my absolutely favorite brands for kiddos! Check out these super cute new shirts! PS) I snuck in a cat rug for fun...because cat rugs are awesome!

December 17, 2015

Gift toppers

Check out this super cute gift topper from Mer Mag! Not only is it adorable, but it's a fun and easy craft for little ones to make! Great concept! I think you could even used large painted beads in place of the clay. Check out the full tutorial on Mer Mag.  Ronan and I will be making some of these over the holiday break!

December 13, 2015

What we're wearing

It's all about keeping warm these days here in the Pacific Northwest. Day after day of rain, rain, rain....then some more rain. We've been having some major flooding, roads washed out, homes under water,... some serious Oregon + El Nino drama. So we're huddled up inside trying to stay dry, dressed in our cozies (and maybe some of us are still in our jammies.) Ronan is rocking this awesome tiger sweatshirt from Tea Collection  and some stripey stretchy pants from Tar-jhey.  

November 16, 2015

Super kid turns 5

I just can hardly believe that I have a 5 year old. Where has the time gone? This year I floated a lot of ideas past Ronan for party themes and he kept coming back to...Batman...Spiderman....Captain America... I wasn't super jazzed about the idea to be honest.  But, he's old enough now to choose his own themes, so I decided that we would compromise. So I did a "Super Ronan" party.  He loved it and kept shouting AWESOME! everytime he noticed something new. I had a lot of fun creating all the details, especially the paper-mache flying Super Ronan.    

back drop fabric from Spoonflower
marquee letters from Amazon.com and Michaels
lightning bolt cookies from Sunshine Bakes (Etsy)
mask cake from Papa Haydn (local restaurant)
Ronan's lightening bolt hoodie from Hannah Anderson (now sold out), shoes from Converse, leggings from Target, glitter shoe lightning bolts from Shwing

Each kid got a super hero mask goody bag

 Resources for goody bags:

crocheted super hero masks Soft Stitch by Lisa 

treat bag from Collage- hand-painted by me

mask tattoo from Atsuyo et Akiko

hacky sack from The Lippman Company 

little mask necklace made by me from shrinky dinks

little wood doll from Michaels- painted and decorated by me

October 28, 2015

Boo bucket

Folks. I love candy just as much as the next guy. But I tell you what. My kid on candy is just about something like a rabid baboon on methamphetamines. Ok, well I may be exaggerating a bit... BUT.... recently I decided that I'd love to be festive for Halloween in a way that didn't involve a crazed preschooler running amok.  Last year my partner gave Ronan the cutest Halloween "Boo Bucket" and this year I decided to create one for him myself! What fun!


Lazy bones wooden collapsing skeleton by Kikkerland

Stack the Bones game by Kikkerland 

Little bat puppet- local find New Seasons supermarket

Jack O' Lantern pail from Target

Jack O' Lantern drawstring bag from Joann Craft

Bottle of bones from Michaels

I can think of so many fun things to put into these! I think teenagers could even get into them with the right stuff.  Hopefully Ronan will like his so much he won't even miss the candy!