July 25, 2013

The small stuff

I think you should sweat it. I think you should examine it, taste it, soak it all in. The small stuff is what makes life beautiful. Stopping to smell the roses, enjoy the sunlight filtering through the branches of a tree, reading to your kids, or stroking a small slimy slug... these are all things that make life worth living.

As children we have such a knack for this without even trying. My son will sit for hours just sifting dirt through his fingers, marveling at it's texture, smell, the way it falls to the ground. He's a captive audience. Completely content to just BE and absorb what comes his way. The knowledge of everyday things. He is naturally curious and even the simplest thing can fill him with joy. If only we could all open ourselves up to this kind of mindfulness. It's like living meditation.

As adults we have hectic lives full of responsibility and it's challenging to just stop and breathe. I'm extremely guilty of rush, rush, rushing through the day and at the end I realize that I didn't really set down and look into my child's face that day. And I realize that that moment in time is lost. I am striving now to live in the moment, to soak up all the 2 and-a-half-ness from my child, to look at butterflies, watch the moon from the deck... to sweat the small stuff. One day at a time.

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  1. So very true. At the end of the day which is more valuable? That I vacuumed or that I let my grandson hold my finger and lead me around making "discoveries"

    Pretty soon, he will want to do things by himself, without me.


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