July 26, 2013

What we're wearing

We are feeling a little Frenchie this week here in Stumptown! When I saw this shirt at H&M I practically wet myself I loved it so much! I really like H&M for boy's clothes that are a little more fashion forward and interesting than the general trucks and footballs fair you see everywhere. I've found it to be challenging at times to find clothing that is affordable, durable, and within my aesthetic for Ronan. I really favor European style and it seems like it's pretty slim pickins in the states for that kind of thing unless you want to pay a LOT of money. However, H&M has never disappointed me. I leave with at least two things for the boy every time I drop in.

I've paired this super cute embroidered Mr. Bear shirt (who doesn't love a bear with a bowler hat and a monocle?) with bright blue capri jeans from Walmart.  I found this fun pair in the girls department and they were a steal at $4.75 or so. Score!  I tend to dress Ronan in a lot of neutrals, but sometimes a pop of color is just the thing! I think the blue really sets off the black and white shirt nicely.

The little bandana is from Per Bambini. These are actually made for babies to wear as a drool catcher, but I think they make a fantastic toddler accessory personally. We have two of these in different colors and I just love them. Ronan's shoes are the old Converse standby (in grey). These shoes have gotten a lot of wear this year and I love that Ronan wears a shoe that I used to live in as a teenager.

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