August 19, 2013

Back to school...

Back to school is upon us, and for my sweet boy this fall will be his very first "to school" experience.  He is signed up to go to preschool half time starting in September. I am so very proud and so excited for him, but of course, I'm also really nervous.  Being away from him that much is hard and I have all the same worries that other parents probably do. Will he find friends? Will be eat lunch? Will be cry when I leave? Will he enjoy himself?  Mostly I know that these worries are just silly, but it can still be hard.  We are having a fun time though getting ready for the school year, picking out his sweet little backpack and buying supplies for his cubby. We are reading stories about school and got an Elmo DVD about going to school.  In the next few weeks I'll be showing you some of his new school outfits!

Last week we had the opportunity to visit his new school for orientation and boy did he love it! Here are a few pictures from our time there.

I think he's going to love it! They are never going to get him off that motorcycle!  How are you feeling about back to school? Excited to get the kids out of the house? Do you have a kiddo going for their first time? Any tips for a newbie?

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