August 15, 2013

Horsie toilet paper roll craft

I spotted the cutest craft last week at Mer Mag and decided that I had to try it out. I adore Merrilee's blog... she has an AMAZING eye and sense of design as well as being super creative. If you are not already reading Mer Mag, you should be! I love absolutely everything she does!


Merrilee had designed the cutest lamas made from toilet paper tubes. Aren't they adorable?  I've been saving up toilet paper tubes for a rainy day, so I was good to go. I decided to take it in my own direction and make some little horses instead of her super sweet lamas. Ronan and I are both into horses lately.  So much so that I just bought a 5 foot horse canvas to go over my bed. But I digress. This craft is a bit above Ronan's skill level, so I ended up doing them myself, but he will sure enjoy playing with these little cuties.

In order to make it a horse, basically I just had to change the head shape and I added a little fan tail.  Following her advice I used large paint chips to make the head and legs.  I was able to find beautiful colors at Lowe's. 

Here are our results.  For the full tutorial please visit Mer Mag.


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