August 6, 2013

Party time!

I spent this weekend working insanely hard on a birthday party for my sweet little nephew who is turning two.  The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle happens to be his very favorite book right now and so my sis decided it would be the perfect theme for his big day. I was so excited because I've been oggling Very Hungry Caterpillar party ideas on Pinterest for quite some time and have been dying to use them!

Most of the ideas here are not ours originally but REALLY STINKING CUTE anyway. I can't even really site where I got most of the ideas because they are all over the internet. The caterpillar lantern idea is one that I saw on both Pinterest and on the Pottery Barn Kids site and it's even cuter in person and super easy to do. The hardest bit was hanging it, which was just time consuming. Then of course we had to poke little holes in all the food using a make it look like the little caterpillar had snacked his way through everything (also a Pinterest idea).  I'm not sure where my sister got the idea for the cake, but it turned out amazing! Isn't she talented? Cutest cake of all time I tell ya! She used curly candles to create the antennae and used a recipe similar to this to cover the cake in marshmallow fondant.

My favorite decorations at the party were our original ideas. My mom found this amazing moss cone at the Goodwill and one night I got this epiphany that it looked a bit like a cocoon. This led to many a late night fashioning a butterfly out of paper-mache and more long nights up painting those %*&^ wings, which took about a zillion layers of  paint to try and imitate the tissue paper layering effect of the book illustrations. My mom came up with the idea of using silk leaves on the drink bottles and then I got a wild hair and decided to glue on teeny white pom poms to look like little eggs. And THAT gave me the idea to purchase this enormous leaf canopy at IKEA and make an egg to go on it. Remember at the start of the book? Is says something like, "In the light of the moon...a little egg lay on a leaf." I made the egg out of quilt batting with an aluminum foil core. 

The best part of all though was my nephew's face when he came into the room and saw the party table all laid out. He instantly recognized the images from his favorite book. He pointed at the caterpillar lantern mobile and said "nom nom!" So sweet! Happy birthday little guy!



  1. Wow, Katie! I LOVE the butterfly. That's my favorite part of the whole thing! I've seen lots of Very Hungry Caterpillar birthday party ideas on Pinterest and Offbeat Families but this takes the cake! (hahaha pun totally intended)

  2. Thanks Maisha! I had a lot of fun making it. The wings took a zillion layers of paint. :-D Ha ha ha...takes the cake...good one!


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