August 5, 2013

Skootcase suitcase

I spotted this suitcase the other day and I'm smitten! Ronan is getting to the age where he loves anything with wheels and in particular, bikes. This would make a great distraction in the airport! Last year we went to Greece and I learned a lot about traveling with a toddler. One being that it's a great idea to bring along things that do double duty as entertainment. Something like this is perfect, not to mention that it appeals to my inner design snob. I'll be doing some posts later this year on traveling with kids, so stick around for some great tips! Get your cutie little scootie at Amazon. Amazon has them in blue, pink, red, and purple!

And while we are on the subject of could get this little beauty and take your tot on a trip to PARIS! Check out this fun guide found via Cup of Jo.... Travel Guide: Paris for Kids 

All you would need is a neck scarf like Ronan and you'd be tres chic!


  1. I wonder how it compares to the Trunki in terms of ease or riding and actual usefulness as a suitcase! I do like the idea of the scooteresque handles. The trunki seemed like it would be harder for younger kids

  2. We have a I'll have to get one of these and do a comparison ;-)


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