September 16, 2013

Bumblebee Bash!

We just welcomed a new member to our family last month and he is sweet as can be.  In the South there is a tradition of having a "sip and see," which, in my understanding, is a party where relatives and friends come to sip on libations and meet a new baby.  Instead of having a shower for my sister this time around I decided to do a variation of a sip n' see. So we had a "meet our new baby" party. We wanted to keep it simple and sweet. Our grandfather was an apiarist (and pastor) before he retired and so I thought it would be appropriate to welcome the new little person to our "hive."  Bee theme!

Each boy had their own bee costume. Here's Ronan modeling his. What a goof!

Boy bee butts!



  1. Love every part of this...esp the giant lantern!

  2. Thanks so much Kate! The big lantern was super fun and easy to do! Love my glue gun!


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