September 25, 2013

Buy local: SchoolHouse Electric

Schoolhouse Electric. It's been blogged before. It's a sensation. I've been hearing about it for a while now and thought... eh... how good could it be? Hipsters are obsessed (ugh) and everyone is chatting about it and I tend to shy away from stuff I feel is too popular. I'm a funny one. However, today I decided to go and check it out for myself. And folks! I am IN LOVE!

The style here is a blend of vintage, modern, and bohemian. Right up my alley.  And the quality is just fantastic. All the furniture is so solid. Plus, many of the pieces are made right here in good old Portland, Oregon. Pretty rad. That's something to get behind.

The first thing I spotted when I walked in the door was this sweet little twin bed. I've been mental shopping for Ronan's big boy bed for a while and this one is definitely on the list. It comes in a few colors and I adore the green and the yellow. Check out the Hamilton here. Made up with their fantastic sheets it's just the cutest thing ever.

Then I spied this ENORMOUS ottoman.  It's perfection! I was just reading a post from Oh Joy! (Here's Emily Henderson's post about it) the other day about baby-proofing your house and how she swapped out her coffee table with some ottomans.  So I've had ottomans on the brain. Well this one would be perfect! Isn't the color gorgeous? It comes in both velvet and leather.  

And then there is this desk.  This sucker is going to be my reward when I get my CPA.  Just beautiful.

Then there were the gorgeous linens, the fun desk accessories, the LIGHT FIXTURES! OH MY OH MY!

If you are ever in the Portland area (looks like they have a shop in NYC as well), stop by and check them out at 2181 NW Nicolai Street or shop them online at

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