September 11, 2013

Special Sweets

Candy Sweet Colorful Wild Mushrooms / A Collection of 42 Freshly Harvested Candy Mushrooms

Edible Antlers - 2 - a confection embellishment, table scape accoutrement, or "I can't believe it's edible" gift

Edible Oyster Shells -Chocolate Candy in a Half Shell -3 Large

It's becoming a tradition in our family. Every year on my son's birthday I throw him a special party with a fun theme.  His first birthday was an Eames Elephant theme. His second birthday party was a farm theme, and his third party theme is..... A SECRET!  I always enjoy finding special things to decorate with and really bring the theme to life, and my absolute favorite part is deciding what to do about the cake or dessert.  I was lucky enough to discover Andie for my son's first birthday.  She custom designed a wonderful cake topper for me. It was totally amazing!  I've also used her wonderful edible decorations for my nephew's parties and baby showers as well.  I am currently working with her on a fantastic cake topper for the infamous secret 3rd birthday. Her embellishments are so incredibly detailed and perfect that at first glance you think you are looking at the real deal. Actually on your second and third glance too!  Look at the those INCREDIBLE antlers! Couldn't you just die? I can't wait for you all to see what Andie comes up with for Ronan's next party. In the meanwhile, please check out her very fun Etsy shop, full of amazing sweets and treats...Andie's Specialty Sweets

...and read this fun story while you are at it: Seashells

I look forward to continuing the tradition of Andie's wonderful goodies at Ronan's parties for a long, long time, and when he's "too big" for cake toppers... she can make them for MY birthdays!

all photos from Andie's Specialty Sweets


  1. Of course a fellow Pacific North-westerner would appreciate these gorgeous woodland treats! I recently found them on Etsy, and have become obsessed. The detail that goes into their confections is just unbelievable. Happy Birthday to your little one!

  2. Aren't they just incredible? It blows my mind the creativity, detail, and perfection of their beautiful confections! So glad you are a fan too! I love supporting business that not only do amazing things, but are run by such sweet and friendly people.


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