September 24, 2013

Thar she blows!

Ellepi Stapler - Green

You all know that I adore all things Italian. What's that? You didn't know that?! Well now you do. I'm obsessed.  Italians are masters of all things STYLE. Clothes, cars, coffee, food, wine, jewelry, and....staplers! It's not my birthday yet, but I found the coolest stapler the other day and just had to get it for myself for a early birthday present! Isn't it the cutest? The Ellepi stapler is made in a very small (4 kidding) factory near Milan and comes in a handful of really fun colors (I got myself this gorgeous emerald green model). Get yours here! I just got mine in the mail today and I'm going to spend the rest of the week stapling things! Ha ha!


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