October 17, 2013

Betsy and Iya

Betsy and Iya... sigh.  I am quite simply put, in love with everything that Betsy does.  I had the opportunity to visit her brick and mortar store this last week and let me tell you...amazing. It's the jewelry I was always looking for and could never find... until now. I love her description of the woman she designs her jewelry for:

You’re the woman who laughs a little too loud in the fancy restaurant, the one who leaves love notes on napkins, who talks her way out of speeding tickets, and watches strangers kiss.  You shirk responsibility, stay up too late, and sleep in your socks. You’re the one they wonder about in the office, the one who knows the closest martini bar, the best used bookstore, and how to say “you ain’t seen nothing yet” in seven languages.

Sounds a lot like me.

Here are some of my favorite pieces. They speak to me. Modern. Fresh. Sophisticated. Totally unique. Please visit her shop at betsyandiya.com.

all images property of Betsy and Iya

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