October 9, 2013

Halloween Costumes for the kiddos

I am incredibly picky about Halloween costumes. I don't like it when little kids wear really gory or scary things, I think the stuff that is super mainstream is boring, and I find a lot of kid's costumes (especially little girl's costumes) to be inappropriate or sexist beyond belief. I love to see costumes that are original, creative, and extra points for homemade.  I personally, can not sew to save my life, but I try to put together something sweet and interesting for Ronan's costume each year.  I know that once he gets older he will probably go for the ubiquitous "power range type thing of the moment costume" and I may have to try and work with that. Sigh. But while he is little, I get to choose! I've been scouring the internet for fun and interesting costumes and have come up with a few amazing standouts! Check these out! A lot of creative and talented parents out there! Props! Here are my favorites...

Monsieur Champignon... fun!

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids

The elderly gent from "Up"....isn't it precious?

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids

Frida Kahlo. I just ADORE these costumes!

How amazing is this white witch costume? If you've got two kiddos I vote for a white witch AND a Mr. Tumnus!  Narnia here we come!

Just amazingly wonderful Alice

Here's my little guy in his Halloween best. Ronan as Charlie Chaplin. If you want the moustache on for the long haul I suggest drawing it on. :-)

The sweetest Max costume for your "Wild Thing"

What is your little one wearing this year?


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