October 16, 2013

Return of the pumpkin patch

Do you have parental fantasies? I had one regarding the pumpkin patch this year...I envisioned the curly-red-headed boy sweetly smiling as he carried the perfect pumpkin to a little wagon, taking a hay ride while clasping my hand, petting adorable farm critters. You know.... farm utopia or something.  Well, what I got was a boy whose cold went from tiny sniffles to nose Armageddon, complete with five gallons of snot in a two gallon head. A boy who only wanted to sit on the tractor... yeah... you know the one you aren't supposed to sit on? THAT one. A boy who refused to get down from said tractor, no matter what the bribe. Even "doughnut" did not phase him. No sir.  His only reply was NOT YET MOM which was shrieked at a decibel level that would make Mariah Carey jealous. Yes friends, this was NOT farm utopia. Toddlers... sheesh.

Well... at least my nephew enjoyed himself! Isn't he adorable!? He's learning to photo-document... just like his "yah yah" (that's what he calls me... which actually means Grandma in Greek... isn't that funny?).

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