October 25, 2013

What we're wearing

This last weekend we had a family wedding to attend. Ronan and my nephew were the ring-bearers. I got Ronan the cutest little suit and he looked quite dapper.  He even tolerated the tie. I do mean tolerated... look at this face... ha ha!  I wore my favorite dress, which is from Forever 21. I think it was 20 bucks! How's that for a deal? It's super elegant and comfortable even. Bonus points for the fact that it has pockets (double bonus points for pockets that don't stick out) so I can store stuff like lollipops to bribe little boys into walking down an aisle, and tissues for wiping little faces.

We are wearing:


  • Flowered sheath dress from Forever 21
  • Cashmere wrap from Nordstrom
  • My favorite blue shoes from Anthropologie


  • Suit from Christening Day Amazon
  • Plum tie (this tie didn't come with the suit) from Amazon
  • Shoes from Fred Meyer


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