November 21, 2013

Advent calendar roundup

puzzle advent from you are my fave



 I am utterly amazed at how quickly November has flown by. Now all of a sudden, December is staring me right in the face! Eeek! It's time for advent to begin in our household. For those of you not familiar with advent, it is the daily countdown to Christmas, starting on December 1st. In our family it is a long held tradition that the children have an advent calendar that contains small gifts to open each day.  This year I'm creating a very special advent calendar for Mr. Ronan, which I will be sharing with you next week. In the meanwhile, here are some lovely examples of ways to do advent for your modern Christmas. 

My favorites:

I love the concept of the daily note for either a special adult in your life, such as your spouse, or an older child.

That punch through toliet paper house with the tissue smoke is TOO MUCH!

The geometric cluster on the bottom is just gorgeous! 

Modern black and white advent calendar from A and B
Photo collage boxes from You are my Fave
Rudolph Animals from Home Talk 
Tiny notes advent from minikunst
Reindeer bags from Dawanda
Hanging blackboard boxes from Hank and Hunt
Little mountains advent from You are my fave
Toliet paper roll advent from Morning Creativity
Geometric from sanaeishida





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