November 22, 2013

What we're wearing

Ronan seems to be getting to a stage where he is not loving having his picture taken.  Or maybe it's picture overload... this kid has had his picture taken probably 10 times what the average kid does.  LOL!
Here he is wearing the world's most adorable t shirt from Little Lark. He loves this shirt and calls it his "twinkle twinkle little stars shirt."
I have to give a shout out here to them because... well, not only are they awesome... but they are based here in beautiful Portlandia. I love local!
Not only that but Little Lark is also woman owned and operated, sweatshop free, and the apparel is 100% cotton and everything is individually screenprinted by hand.  All of the infant bodysuits are organic as well. The designs are so unique and wonderful... "modern, hip, non-gender specific and exhibit simplicity and style with a sophisticated edge."
I love their shirts so much. I am a picky, picky mama and all of her designs thrill me.  Check out her website! I'm sure you will love it as much as we do.

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