December 9, 2013

Baby it's cold outside!

nelson child 6-12mo

Layer those kiddos up! I am a big believer in underwear people! The right underwear makes all the difference!  And I'm a big believer in wool.  Here's some of my recommendations on how to stay warm in the chilly Pacific Northwest where temps have been dipping into the teens this week.  We even got snow!

Nelson balaclava hat from Danish Woolen Delight 

This hat is WONDERFUL. No more crying kid with cold ears and neck. This puppy will keep them super toasty.  Ronan has had one of these at each stage of life. If was a lifesaver for a newborn born in November too, let me tell you.

Lucien pant from Oeuf

Ok. How cute are the stripes! So cute! I might actually use these as outerwear too

striped merino socks from Polarn O. Pyret 

Their little tootsies get so cold when they go outside. Stock up on these and no more chilly piggies!

Hocosa long underwear at Amazon

I love these. Ronan has a set, with bottoms and a long sleeve top (onesie style) in the red stripe. Suckers are super warm and not  itchy. He's never complained about them. And they are pretty sleek. They are not bulky under clothes.

My final recommendation is that if you can find silk long johns for kids. SNATCH THEM UP!! I especially recommend a tank style or short sleeve top to go with the pants. It's more versatile and keeps their core warm. Land's End used to make a wonderful set, and it doesn't appear that they do anymore. Such a bummer.  They do still make sets for adults and I HIGHLY recommend getting yourself a set. My favorite thing about the adult Land's End silks is that they bottoms have a low rise top with a wide waistband. I can NOT STAND when long johns come up to just under my boobs and have skinny tight elastic. Not good. Not good at all. These are tremendously comfortable and don't show when you are wearing your cute jeans. It's a win-win people!

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