December 6, 2013

Holiday duds for dudes

Now, we have all seen the cutest holiday clothes for little girls, but boys? Man, it is slim pickins out there if you ask me.  A gal has got to be pretty resourceful and search high and low if she wants to find cute, modern, and affordable dress up clothes for boys.  Thankfully, I have found that a few places hardly ever let me down. 

 Olive Juice has just about the sweetest clothes around.  They have a very European look and are very high quality. I adore this casual outfit.  Find it here,value%5B/model/2013/1PA%200192267%20001%2037%204520.jpg%5D&set=key%5Brotate%5D,value%5B%5D&set=key%5Bwidth%5D,value%5B%5D&set=key%5Bheight%5D,value%5B%5D&set=key%5Bx%5D,value%5B%5D&set=key%5By%5D,value%5B%5D&set=key%5Btype%5D,value%5BSTILL_LIFE_FRONT%5D&hmver=0&call=url%5Bfile:/product/large%5D,value%5B/model/2013/1OG%200189429%20001%2091%200380.jpg%5D&set=key%5Brotate%5D,value%5B%5D&set=key%5Bwidth%5D,value%5B%5D&set=key%5Bheight%5D,value%5B%5D&set=key%5Bx%5D,value%5B%5D&set=key%5By%5D,value%5B%5D&set=key%5Btype%5D,value%5BSTILL_LIFE_FRONT%5D&hmver=2&call=url%5Bfile:/product/large%5D

SHUT UP! Are these not the cutest pants you have ever seen? Pair them with this adorable sweater, tuck a stripey shirt (as Ronan calls them) underneath, a pair of long socks (go crazy with patterns and colors here) and then..strap on some chukka boots in a zany color and you are   from H&M  

 This cute little outfit is from H&M as well. Love the pairing of the velvet blazer with the grey skinnies. Love the hair too dude. Get this look here.,value%5B/environment/2013/1QV_0438_008R.jpg%5D&set=key%5Brotate%5D,value%5B-3.8%5D&set=key%5Bwidth%5D,value%5B3648%5D&set=key%5Bheight%5D,value%5B4266%5D&set=key%5Bx%5D,value%5B865%5D&set=key%5By%5D,value%5B396%5D&set=key%5Btype%5D,value%5BFASHION_FRONT%5D&hmver=1&call=url%5Bfile:/product/large%5D

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