June 21, 2014

White hot summer

Weather in Portland has been all over the place lately and I'm dreaming of jetting away to some lovely and warm locale....margaritas, sand between my toes, fish tacos...somewhere I can rock my NEW WHITE BIKINI. Yes folks, I can't believe it...I bought a white bikini. Not only did I buy a white bikini, I bought see-through white lace cover-up (hee..what do they cover?) pants. YIKES! Got both at Target and was really surprised how flattering the bikini was. I really like it!  Since I can't jet off to somewhere like Mexico or Hawaii this year I'm thinking of taking Ronan on a road trip to San Francisco and Santa Cruz.  Ronan would adore Santa Cruz. Until then I'll be California dreamin' and envisioning myself wearing those white lace shorts, drinking Mexican coke, and swinging in a hammock.

Note on white bikinis: Make sure that you wear yours in the shower and look at yourself in the mirror BEFORE dipping into the pool with it, and keep your receipt. Trust me. There's hot and then there's horrify your grandmother. Let's keep it PG 13 ladies.

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