July 11, 2014

Happy birthday America

Trying to explain the fourth of July to a toddler...we came up with "Happy birthday America." Ronan is super into the idea of birthday parties these days, so it worked. He was really excited and kept shouting "HAPPY BIRTHDAY 'MERICA!" at the top of his lungs.  We spent a lovely evening with our family in Portland. The boys ran around like crazy people, wrestled and loved on each other all night...and had a great time watching the little fireworks that my sister and aunt brought.  It was the first year that Ronan didn't seem scared of the noise..although he still covered his ears.  He clapped and said "OH WOW!" after each firework. Pretty cute.

 Ronan and my nephew Gabe
sweet baby Gabe
my nephew Max....this photo has kind of a "risky business" feel to it or something...cracking up! Love this kiddo!

 Baby Gabe and my sister. Isn't she pretty?
Ronan modeling his patriotic ensemble 
 watching fireworks

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