September 17, 2015

Around town: Beam and Anchor

 I just fell in love. Spoiler alert! It's with a STORE. I officially have a new favorite store in Stumptown. Beam and Anchor. This place is so speaks to the inner me... that I wasn't sure if I wanted to throw up, punch someone, or cry. Every single item here is something I would love to own. Every one carefully chosen. It's so thoughtfully curated, and the space is incredibly beautiful and well designed. I could have spent the entire day in here. Thankfully, I had to get back to my kiddo or I would have bought the entire store.  Many of their items are made right here in Stumptown, but they also carry objects from around the country and the globe.  I personally fell very much in love with a little brass bowl, a wallet, and the scent of one of Olo's fabulous perfumes. (Stay tuned for my post of a visit to their flagship store). If you are ever visiting our lovely city, remember, GO TO BEAM AND ANCHOR... (but please don't buy a house while you are here). You can also visit them online at

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