October 1, 2015


So the weirdest thing this year...we've had such an incredibly warm summer that all of the pumpkins around here have already been ripe and ready for a month.  Global warming?  Freak cyclical warm spell? Not sure. The result is though, pumpkins are ready NOW! So we went out this last week to check it out.  This is the first year that Ronan really was able to remember and talk about last year when we went to the patch, so he was super jazzed up to go.  We weren't able to do the hay ride or anything this time around, so I think a second visit is in the works.  Ronan has been practicing his "pretty smile" which kinda makes him look like a weirdo.


  1. I love the post! Have a nice weekend:)


  2. Thanks Ira! I love to hear from other bloggers!


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